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Does it sickenize you when people have tattoos ?  If not, what does it take to turn your stomach ?  Most wear tattoos because their friends did so.  But some of my friends eat Turkish delight which I would not give to a dog.  I'd rather starve to death and die than eat it.  If I don't give a damn about alleged world opinion, why should I be influenced by brainless sheeps who cannot think for themselves ?

"Someone who has a brain and refuses to use it is no better than someone without a brain."

I think the association of tattoos with criminality is outdated these days. Discrete tattoos are fine, but although this may sound sexist, I have seen many beautiful young ladies whose looks have been totally spoilt by very visible "body art" that completely ruins their appearance, so they look as if they've been graffitied by blue and black ink. Those thinking of getting a tattoo should bear in mind that visible tattoos are unacceptable in a position where one has to deal with the public, for example as a receptionist or in sales.

I don't understand your vehement dislike of Turkish Delight. Is it the name? It's just a sugar confection flavoured with rose water and thickened by gelatin, either dusted with icing sugar or chocolate-covered.  Incidentally, when I was in the southern part of Cyprus they made an identical sweet but of course they called it Greek Delight as they don't really get on with the Turks.

People get tattoos to sickenize decent people.

In Greece, how do you separate the men from the boys ?
 With a crowbar.

I will explain it when you are older.


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