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Topic: Happy Unbirthday

Norn on Wed 01-Mar-2017 | 12:03pm

Offline Norn

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I don't tell anyone on line when my birthday is.   Some sites, like Facebook and Google, insist you have to tell them, to prove you are adult  ::)
So they think my birthday is 29th February.
Now today,March 1st,  I have a special logo with candles on Google. Last year I had it on 28th February. How do you think they figure it out?

And do you care? :D
Patriotism is not enough. I must have no hatred or bitterness for anyone.
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NEGal on Sat 04-Mar-2017 | 06:44am
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Online NEGal

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I love seeing the cake thing on my birthday on Google but it is not the same date or problem as yours. Not on Facebook. 

Hotspur on Thu 25-Jan-2018 | 09:11am
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Offline Hotspur

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  • ello ello ello What going on ere then?
Hmm, I've got a leftover from Christmas bottle of bubbly in the fridge that winks at me every time I open the door, so think I'll have an unbirthday today  :cheers:
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