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Topic: If you had the power to fire a presenter/DJ who would you choose?

Lorinda on Tue 05-Jan-2016 | 15:01pm
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Pink Geranium on Tue 05-Jan-2016 | 15:29pm
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Offline Pink Geranium

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Stephanie McGovern (sp?), who does the business newspon BBC Breakfast.  I just can't bear her voice.

DarDanus26 on Wed 06-Jan-2016 | 15:14pm
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cass on Wed 06-Jan-2016 | 15:18pm
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Offline cass

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Why wait for the storm to pass when you can dance in the rain

mudlark on Thu 07-Jan-2016 | 11:16am
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Jonathon Ross - he gets right up my nose along with the dreadful Jeremy Clarkson.

Traveller on Fri 05-Feb-2016 | 20:20pm
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Offline Traveller

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Chris - let me play some music so that I can talk all over it because I'm more important than anything else - Evans.
Shine on you crazy diamond.

Della on Fri 05-Feb-2016 | 20:47pm
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Offline Della

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Be clearly aware of the stars and infinity on high. Then life seems almost enchanted after all
Vincent van Gogh

Flixtonian on Sun 14-Feb-2016 | 13:48pm
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Offline Flixtonian

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The BBC Breakfast presenters are so wooden and it is uncomfortable watching them trying to be 'casual and relaxed.' 

Grodno on Tue 01-Mar-2016 | 10:32am
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Offline Grodno

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AprilRose on Tue 01-Mar-2016 | 10:55am
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Offline AprilRose

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Now where shall I start? So many of them annoy me   :hysteric:

Paul Martin
Jonathan Ross
Chris Evans
Stephen Fry
Clare Balding
Sue Perkins

That'll do for now, don't want everyone thinking I'm a misery guts  ::)

Eliah on Tue 01-Mar-2016 | 10:57am
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Offline Eliah

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The sports presenter with Simon Mayo on BBC Radio 2

and Vanessa Feltz
and Davina McCall

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AprilRose on Wed 02-Mar-2016 | 22:35pm
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Offline AprilRose

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Synergy on Thu 10-Mar-2016 | 23:40pm
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Offline Synergy

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Easy T, I don't listen to many, either, but am very much aware of the dangerous US talk-radio hosts (such as Rush Limbaugh and many others) who spread hate, misinformation, racism and other discrimination as well as against women.  These are a hugely powerful influence on the political climate in the US since so many people listen to them and actually believe the misinformation they put out there.

Hal on Fri 11-Mar-2016 | 12:30pm
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Chris Evans without a doubt. I'll never watch Top Gear again knowing he'll be presenting.

Jaye Wynne - BBC Weather presenter. He gabbles and swallows his words, never quite finishing them or sentences off. I have to turn off when he's on.

Alan Carr makes me cringe as does Keith Lemon  :bigstorm:

The voice of Big Brother, I know plenty of Northerners and he's so OTT its awful.
There are 10 types of people in this world. Those that understand binary and those that don't

ellieni on Fri 11-Mar-2016 | 12:44pm
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Offline ellieni

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I agree with some, already posted.

But I especially , don't like Lorraine Kelly . Why doesn't she cut that silly fringe, that she keeps peering through .

Also Aled Jones ( the One Show ) , She's a good enough presenter, but it's her shrill voice I dislike.