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Topic: If you had the power to fire a presenter/DJ who would you choose?

measles on Wed 12-Aug-2015 | 20:40pm

Online measles

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For me it would have to be Brian Moore, that awful rugby commentator who rubbishes all but the English Rugby team, he is a pompous boor and imo. should get the chop.
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Stollyman on Wed 12-Aug-2015 | 20:53pm
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Offline Stollyman

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Clare Balding, but then the BBC would have to cancel most of its output.

(I'd fire her from a cannon:) )
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measles on Wed 12-Aug-2015 | 20:54pm
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Online measles

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Clare Balding, but then the BBC would have to cancel most of its output.

God she was awful last year on the Thames for the Queens celebrations and as for Wimbledon that was cringe making. 
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Moby7 on Wed 12-Aug-2015 | 21:03pm
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Offline Moby7

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Agree about Claire Balding......for me it would be Holly Willoughby...the voice, the look, the hair....I dislike everything about her...
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AprilRose on Wed 12-Aug-2015 | 21:22pm
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Online AprilRose

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Paul Martin on Flog It.  He always looks so scruffy, even when meeting titled folk in stately homes he still is in his old jeans, when they do him the honour of wearing a suit. And he says the same things all the time e.g. 'quality always sells' and some such crap. I don't watch it any more because of him. If it was a woman presenter turning up looking so untidy she would soon get the chop.

Also agree about Clare Balding, she's on too much.

Lindy on Wed 12-Aug-2015 | 21:29pm
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Offline Lindy

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Robert Peston, scruffy individual and difficult to listen to.
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topol on Wed 12-Aug-2015 | 21:36pm
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Online topol

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 Stephen Taylor Woodrow & Tim Wonnacott.
Two of the most "affected" presenters around - both in speech and mannerisms.
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Orac on Sun 03-Jan-2016 | 06:00am
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Online Orac

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Martin Roberts (Homes Under the Hammer).

Those awful overcoats just have to go! :?:
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cass on Sun 03-Jan-2016 | 08:07am
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Online cass

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Ant and Dec  make my toes curl.  There is a interview with Prince Charles this week about the Princes trust which looks interesting. Except for those muppet presenters  ::)
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CeeCee on Sun 03-Jan-2016 | 09:00am
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Steve Wright, worst DJ on Radio 2.

p.s. I agree Measles, Brian Moore is awful!

Easy T on Sun 03-Jan-2016 | 09:11am
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Offline Easy T

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pollylocks on Sun 03-Jan-2016 | 09:14am
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Richard Madeley on Radio 2, god he's so smarmy  :grrr:

guest1761 on Sun 03-Jan-2016 | 09:48am
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Ar Lass on Sun 03-Jan-2016 | 13:24pm
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Offline Ar Lass

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Tatanka on Tue 05-Jan-2016 | 14:47pm
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Online Tatanka

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Brian Moore.  Hates being contradicted.

Chris Evans . Screams at people even a few feet away. Needs to put himself on stun.

Jonathon Ross. Clever but has to be crude.

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