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Why The French Don't Like Us Very Much

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Odd then, that so many of we English are descended from the Norman invasion all those years ago..............

Perhaps because the Normans were Norsemen, or Vikings.

Things might have been different had we allowed France to join the Commonwealth


Waterloo might have had a very different result if Napoleon had not waited several hours to allow the ground to dry out before he started the battle because of his preference for manoeuvring cavalry and artillery.

The Duke of Wellington said that it was a close run thing and it was really only the arrival of Blucher that turned the tide of the battle against Napoleon. If the battle had been started earlier then whole thing could have been over in favour of the French by the time Blucher arrived.

was watching an excellent history doco and always mean to take notes - I should use an Ipad really. this was about the earlier Henrys who went into france and trounced them to the point of owning whole provinces of france and securing monies for the english monarchy and armed forces. I think they were attempting a total take over of france [talk about criticizing Hitler indeed] but never quite managed it. But france could never reciprocate the act on british soil - oops just read the red note above telling me I'm wasting my time posting here - really - well I am british you know!

in closing the french and english have had a very long history of doing things to each other and today I think have a love - hate relationship. please someone reply and take that red warning sign away!!


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