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Why The French Don't Like Us Very Much

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--- Quote from: micky56 on Mon 03-Feb-2014 | 12:31pm ---If I might be allowed to pull you up on one minor point DOD - are you sure that we could beat the French at cricket right now? Otherwise a truly excellent insight into anglo/frog entente etc etc.

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Not forgetting the Rugby of course. >b<
oops just spotted your reply Topol sorry.


--- Quote from: Vlad the inhaler on Mon 03-Feb-2014 | 19:58pm ---oops just spotted your reply Topol sorry.
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S'ok - an age thingy, perhaps?
Vive La France  :hide:

The three main historical reasons are:

1) The French have never forgiven us for coming out on top in the 100 years war.

2) The fact that we had to come to their aid in WW1 and WW2 gets up their nose.

3) They cannot stand the thought that English has become the international language and French has not in spite of all their efforts.

The current reason is that their economy going down the pan while ours is recovering makes them apopleptic.

Nice people outside Paris though.

I thought it was because you guys don't like Jerry Lewis!

The French don't like the English, but have always got on with the Scots. Look up the Auld Alliance.


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