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Why The French Don't Like Us Very Much

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Easy T:
The warning sign is because this topic can be seen on the World Wide Web as it is on our 'front page' rather than 'behind closed doors' so to speak

I hadn't noticed before that daft old duffer had left.

The French and Germans just love the control they have over us through the E U, why? So many reasons for the French but easy one to answer for the Germans. The E U has taken us for a ride over the years while the French and Germans have sat and sniggered. I do like the French people, yet when it comes to politics run for the hills as they go on for weeks on end over such small points, a bit like me here. lol 

there was another doco sometime back about French village life and its customs and practices - rather charming and they seem to cherish and maintain these customs and practices with much more zeal than the British? ::)

Mong KH:
Why the French don't like us very much? You may as well ask why most of the world doesn't like us very much and the EU will be overjoyed to get us out as quickly as possible! Could it be because we're fundamentally stupid? Surely in the ignorance stakes we come a close second behind the Americans as a nation of sheep who swallow all the tripe our tabloid newspapers feed us?

I felt there was a glimmer of hope for the UK and the world in the years following WW2. Then Britain gave Europe some tremendous assistance and Europe was grateful for it. We had a strong state which was led by humanists and others who put social progress before financial gain. Many beneficial organizations were founded, including NATO and, dare one say it, the Common Market. And our foreign policy wasn't all bad then. But the "special relationship" has been catastrophic and has lost us the respect of many nations across the globe. We may as well be the 51st state of the American Union. Funny how people say we got bossed around by Europe (our lack of enthusiasm to participate constructively would be more accurate) but are happy to have this country bossed by the USA!

Mind you, many here don't like the French either, for no apparently good reason. My father-in-law is a typical example. But he adores a French friend because "she's different". I don't suppose the Germans are much more popular either.


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