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I've never fallen for a fib, hook line and sinker.  I reckon I can tell well people are lying.
Front Page / Re: Milk
« Last post by aron on Today at 22:42 »
I love milk ! The creamier and colder, the better.  I like to buy the Jersey stuff now and then.. I could drink it by the pint, but have to stop after half, and leave some for coffee, which I like milky and strong.

Years ago when I was deluded into thinking that skimmed stuff was better for you, husband decided rather than put the stuff in his coffee ( why bother - the coffee stayed brown ) he went without.

I got wise and stopped using that wishy washy stuff, and wouldn't buy anything else but full cream now.
Front Page / Re: Milk
« Last post by GrannyJ on Today at 19:40 »
I couldn't drink milk by the glass, but do have it on cereal and a small amount in coffee. I have black tea, as far as I'm concerned tea is revolting with milk.
Very many thanks fellow members and guest for alerting me to that phrase again. Was straightaway put in mind of the early rock 'n' roll song covered by Bill Haley and Tommy Steele when popular music took a truly giant step away from what was then the usual fayre. And - WOW - didn't we like it!! But the serious point is - am the very first to like banter - however, like most people I guess - am optimistic and think of the positive when meeting others. And when (if) I find out that have bin led up the garden path, I just feel sorry that such people have to resort to that sort of thing merely to - presumably - try and feel superior. I don't do it myself, and to me others that do just come out of it looking complete clowns.
Front Page / Re: Milk
« Last post by Snowqueen on Today at 12:14 »
I love Milk
Me too, on cereals and by the glassful. Maybe the odd milky coffee . I consider it  a food  I d find difficult to  be without hence I have it delivered to my door .
"The cheque's in the post"  - yeah, right!
Let's face it, it's not uncommon, is it?

"I promise that I will love you for ever..."     "Oh! You look great in that outfit..." 

"Suits you, sir..."      "Satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back..."
Ditto, I am a cynic too.
Front Page / Re: Milk
« Last post by andsome on Today at 10:39 »
We drink a lot of it. Cereals in the morning. Copious cups of tea and Horlicks at night. ::)
Front Page / Milk
« Last post by Milkman on Fri 19-Oct-2018 | 18:07pm »
I love Milk
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