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Topic: Milk

Beppy on Wed 10-Nov-2021 | 14:40PM
Reply #60

Online Beppy

  • Global Moderator
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    • YES
Likewise and has never missed  delivering even during bad weather conditions .

Worth their weight in gold Sq plus we are keeping small businesses going.
When a man loves cats, I am his friend and comrade without further introduction.   Mark Twain.

Lila1410 on Wed 10-Nov-2021 | 14:48PM
Reply #61

Offline Lila1410

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No milkmen here, I haven't seen one for ages. I wouldn't buy milk at my corner shop as nothing is fresh in there.

aron on Wed 10-Nov-2021 | 19:44PM
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Offline aron

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Got another bottle of Jersey today.. Looking forward to a big glass of creamy cold goodness !


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