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Front Page / Re: Milk
« Last post by Lila1410 on Sat 08-Dec-2018 | 06:57AM »
None round here. I did have one 20 something years ago but he was too unreliable.

I get it delivered once a week now (with my veg box), and put most of it in the freezer. More expensive, but I think it's worth the hassle.
Front Page / Re: Milk
« Last post by aron on Fri 07-Dec-2018 | 17:52PM »
When I cancelled my milkman, oh, 45 years ago-ish.. I remember him saying to me 'You Ratbag !' !!!
Front Page / Re: Milk
« Last post by Beppy on Wed 05-Dec-2018 | 15:32PM »
We still have a milkman who delivers to us three times a week.
Front Page / Re: Milk
« Last post by Katyblue on Wed 05-Dec-2018 | 15:10PM »
Yes fresh. No-one here goes to work.
Front Page / Re: Milk
« Last post by Lila1410 on Wed 05-Dec-2018 | 06:38AM »
Fresh? and at reliable times for people who have to go to work?

Front Page / Re: Milk
« Last post by Katyblue on Tue 04-Dec-2018 | 20:20PM »
My sister had that problem and now has almond or soya milk.

At my first school there were big solid fuel stoves (Tortoise? and the milk crate was put near them to thaw out, Sometimes the ice had pushed up the cardboard tops about half an inch. we used the tops, which had a round punchhole, to make bobbles.

We still have a milkman who delivers Monday,Wednesday and Friday to the door in bottles.

Front Page / Re: Milk
« Last post by Gillian on Sun 18-Nov-2018 | 19:37PM »
I think it is milk protein.
Front Page / Re: Milk
« Last post by magellan on Sun 18-Nov-2018 | 19:32PM »
Is it milk per se, or lactose? You can get lactose free milk these days.
Front Page / Re: Milk
« Last post by Gillian on Sun 18-Nov-2018 | 16:52PM »
Only a bit on cereal for me.If I drank it it would cause me stomach cramps.

Are you milk intolerant?   It seems that you can have a little milk.   Can you have milk in cakes or chocolate?   My young granddaughter is milk intolerant.   It is hoped that she will improve as she gets older.

Cats often are milk intolerant.  ;)
Front Page / Re: Milk
« Last post by Lila1410 on Thu 15-Nov-2018 | 06:22AM »
I don't know why I remember this but I still have a picture in my head of our teacher in primary school, using a pair of scissors, partly opened, and going all around the crate of milk bottles, cutting a gouge in each one to let the straw through, then the straws were pushed in and we all helped ourselves..I loved it when there were bottles over, as some children never liked milk. ( couldn't understand that!)

Our crates were carried inside by Mr Barber, the school handyman, and we always drank the milk inside at break time. Ah, happy days..I loved the orange juice too, but not the cod liver oil we were given.

Milk. I love the stuff. But only the proper stuff.

Yes, of course there must have been a handyman who carried crates round, I can't remember seeing it done but it would have been during lessons. Heavy job, 16 classes at junior school. I can't remember anyone making holes in the bottle tops for us. I do remember the flavoured straws some children brought from home to make the milk taste of chocolate or strawberry. My mother of course would not buy those.

There were a few children who couldn't drink milk or eat custard etc. They had to have a note from the doctor (and teachers would know the doctors, you couldn't fake that). You weren't allowed just to "not like" things!

We had cod liver oil and malt, and orange stuff, at home. I don't know what was in the orange stuff we were given in a spoon. But that was only when we were very small. We drank squash, not juice, very diluted.
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