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I'm 60 time for India

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I'm in my 60th year; I want to meet every person on the planet that I haven't already met and see every part of the world I haven't seen yet. Perhaps a little over ambitious, so I'm toning it down to visiting the places I've longed to see and meeting a few new people on the way. I'm planning to go to India, in particular the golden triangle and then train to Dharamsala where I hope to get a glimpse of the Dalia Lama. I really don't have a clue how to navigate my way through India. So I would love as much advice, tips and encouragement as you can come up with. I'll be blogging as I go at www.shitim60.com so any input you give you'll be able to see being put into practise. Thank you.

Welcome, good luck!

You will need plenty of patience.  Travel through India can be extremely frustrating.

You might want to put your travel plans in the hands  of an Indian travel company who will make all the arrangements, book tickets etc.
to save what can be a real hassle.

Good luck on your travels, India is a wonderful country, vibrant and colourful. I have some wonderful memories of travelling through the country, though the last time I visited India was almost 20years ago.


Hi and welcome.  I was tempted to call you bleep for short!  Hope all your dreams come true  +-+

It will be different!! Carry some toilet paper in your handbag because even if you find a toilet there will either be noine or a little lady outside selling you some. Quite often it is in a field behind a hedge-if you are lucky.


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