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Topic: Daft SPAM e-mails

joysie21 on Sat 09-Jan-2016 | 20:27PM
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Offline joysie21

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At last I have found how to block  someone sending me spam mail +-+

I have another problem I send jokes to people in a block from my contact list  but my other friends can see the email addresses how can I prevent this please

Hal on Sun 10-Jan-2016 | 15:58PM
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Offline Hal

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Send the mail to yourself and use the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) for everyone else or a group. Only your email will be revealed to everyone else.
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Hotton on Wed 20-Jan-2016 | 17:30PM
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Offline Hotton

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Not a problem but over the last few days I have been getting about 10 a day asking me to become a tester for Dyson.