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Front Page / Re: Curious about tax on pension?
« Last post by SG on Wed 06-Jun-2018 | 21:25PM »
If I may, can I point out that this thread is on the Front Page - ie it is open to view to the world!  Given the subject matter, please be wary of posting anything personal.

Front Page / Re: Curious about tax on pension?
« Last post by magellan on Wed 06-Jun-2018 | 18:15PM »
Yep, that's the way it works. You are taxed on income, it matters not whether that is income from pension or work earnings. The good news: if your total income in the tax year 2018/19 is less than 11,850 you'll pay no tax at all.
Front Page / Re: Curious about tax on pension?
« Last post by Cassiopea on Wed 06-Jun-2018 | 18:07PM »
Say your state pension was 10,00 and your earnings were 18,000 then your total income is 28,000.  Your personal tax allowance is 11,850 per year.  Deduct 11,850 from the total and you are left with 16,150 which will be taxed at 20%.  You do not pay NI if you are of state pension age and you need to get a form for this to show your employer. The tax code will go on your work pay.

If however the total comes to over 34,500 you then start paying 40% tax after personal allowance has been deducted.
Front Page / Re: Curious about tax on pension?
« Last post by Gillian on Wed 06-Jun-2018 | 17:50PM »
If your pension and your wages together come to more than the current tax allowance then you will pay have to pay tax.   The HMRC will give your employer a tax code to use.   How much you pay depends on how much you earn.
Front Page / Re: Curious about tax on pension?
« Last post by Norn on Wed 06-Jun-2018 | 16:30PM »
If you keep working past retirement age, you can defer taking your state pension. This gets more valuable depending how long you defer for. 
Front Page / Curious about tax on pension?
« Last post by Demih on Wed 06-Jun-2018 | 12:23PM »
Hello :) I recently registered so please bear with me.

I am going to be retiring in the next couple years, and with that comes my pension. However I don't want to stop working so will likely continue somewhere else and do part time hours (I don't have anything to do!). I was wondering how tax on this would work? What tax band would it be in? I've looked at a salary calculator https://www.income-tax.co.uk/ but just can't work it out, so was hoping someone here could help me out :)

See you around! ;)
Front Page / Wild Blueberry has landed
« Last post by guest2655 on Sun 03-Jun-2018 | 21:58PM »
I had my landing gear on, and this looked like a good spot....so here I am.  I just joined and I am in the hot seat already.  No sense waiting to see if the flames are hot enough or not, I will soon find out, wink wink

Come on, register, and get in here and have some fun.....

Wild Blueberry/ aka Blue/ aka Bluey/ aka blueberry and I think there was an odd Wild. xxxxxx  I miss you guys and hope you can join me here sometime.... :group: :group: :group: :group:
Front Page / Re: The downsides of exercise.
« Last post by aron on Mon 30-Apr-2018 | 21:13PM »
I suppose another down side is having to spend time buying just the right named outfit, with matching shoes ( named also ) and the latest thingitty jig equipment that you have to stick on your arm, to tell you how far you have run, walked, jogged,  and not forgetting those ultra smart latest things to stick in your ears.

You've gotta look smart and trendy on the journey !
Front Page / Re: The downsides of exercise.
« Last post by Vulpecula on Mon 30-Apr-2018 | 20:11PM »
What I love is the way that, in the gym car park, arriving members drive round and round trying to get a space just 20 yards closer to the entrance than the next space.

They then walk the few yards to the entrance, go in, and presumably try to walk the treadmill or the cross-trainer to death for the next hour or so.    ;D
Front Page / Re: Why The French Don't Like Us Very Much
« Last post by Orac on Fri 13-Apr-2018 | 09:21AM »
Ah! - My house is almost certainly amongst the thousand most southerly in the whole of France and I have more French friends than British friends there.
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