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Gates Foundation agrees break-up back-up plan


For me it is with sadness that I read of this stage of Bill and Melissa divorce. They have of course not shared too many personal details, so perhaps all we can do is speculate?

We probably have heard much more about Bill in the news than Melissa. But for me has had always appeared as a well focused person from the beginning of  his career and his approach to child rearing and his philanthropic endeavours. No less Melissa.

We bandy the figure of the divorce rate at least in European countries being around 50%. We never did hear very much about Bill and Melissa and their marriage over27 yrs so for me it came as shock news. But having been through one myself I sure know it can happen.

so now they are discussing how their foundation will condition and conditions for the future should one of them pull out of the venture.

Of course we can say that they are no different than any other couple in this regard apart from their wealth. Whatever I just feel a profound sadness?

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