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I love Milk

We drink a lot of it. Cereals in the morning. Copious cups of tea and Horlicks at night. ::)


--- Quote from: Milkman on Fri 19-Oct-2018 | 18:07PM ---I love Milk

--- End quote ---
Me too, on cereals and by the glassful. Maybe the odd milky coffee . I consider it  a food  I d find difficult to  be without hence I have it delivered to my door .

I couldn't drink milk by the glass, but do have it on cereal and a small amount in coffee. I have black tea, as far as I'm concerned tea is revolting with milk.

I love milk ! The creamier and colder, the better.  I like to buy the Jersey stuff now and then.. I could drink it by the pint, but have to stop after half, and leave some for coffee, which I like milky and strong.

Years ago when I was deluded into thinking that skimmed stuff was better for you, husband decided rather than put the stuff in his coffee ( why bother - the coffee stayed brown ) he went without.

I got wise and stopped using that wishy washy stuff, and wouldn't buy anything else but full cream now.


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