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Healthy aging solution for women 50+?


Hello everyone.

My name is Eleanor - I live in Norway now (yes, I love the snow!) but was born and bred in Surrey, UK. I am new to this forum so apologies if this is not the right forum, as I don't know exactly how it works but I figured I would put a post out here :)

I have worked in finance for most of my life, but am now very interested in following my own passion, which has always been healthy living both mentally and physically.

Based on that, I am considering whether to setup my own project/startup next to work which would focus on delivering tailored mental and physical training guides for women 50+ (as I struggle to find any solid guides for us out there targeting both the mind and the body - apart from Yoga of course).

My idea is as follows:
The project is a new healthy-aging solution for women going through menopause, delivering you a tailored programme for improving the health of both your mind and body with personal support from a coach available to you via chat or video. Using principles of meditation coupled with yoga and resistance based exercises, we want to help you reach your ultimate mind-body wellness state.

My mission is to improve the mental and physical health for mothers all over the world, so that you can better control the changes surrounding menopause whilst at the same time improve your life-quality and energy and make the next 30-40 years your best yet!

Again, my sincere apologies if this isn't the best way to post this, but what I would be truly grateful for is some constructive feedback to why this is/is not a good idea, so that I can better know if someone else really wants this or if it's just me - if so, then it's not much point in creating it anyhow and much better to know that sooner than later :)

Thanks everyone!


A pity Ellie only posted once, she may have forgotten that she's still a member in here.

Women 50+ is rather a large group, isn't it? and may have a variety of health problems, not necessarily age-related.

I just think that women going through the menopause will usually find their own way of dealing with any issues that arise.

If they're the type of woman who has looked after herself,regarding exercise and diet and been aware of such, up to the age of their particular menopause, then they'll be in a good position and have a better idea of how to 'carry on'.

Every woman is different of course. Some sail through it and don't give it a thought. Others- and we hear more of it these days- just can't cope and obviously would maybe love some advice, to help them through.

I hope Ellie succeeded in her quest.


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