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Topic: Are you searching for your son/daughter?

guest2536 on Wed 15-Nov-2017 | 12:02PM


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Hello everyone,

We are doing some research for a potential new TV series and are hoping itís okay to post this here. Iím a researcher at betty tv and we are looking for parents who have been separated from/lost touch with their now grown-up adult children for a number of years, and who might like to be re-connected with them.

If this is you, and you would like more information, please donít hesitate to contact us. Thank you very much for your time.

Please note that we can only consider cases where your son or daughter is 18 or over. Please see the flyer for more details.

Thank you,
Hope  :)
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Chippy1 on Sat 18-Nov-2017 | 23:02PM
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Offline Chippy1

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Hello Hope. I'm sure a mod or admin will soon tell you if you are out of order. Having had a 'Long Lost Family'  event in my own family I wish you and any participants well.
Being perfect must be such a responsibility I'm just pleased it'll never apply to me.......


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