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Harassment, Parliament and the BBC

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They just don't get it, do they. It isn't to do with 'comforting someone' or 'asking for a date'.  It is a power thing, where a man in a superior position to a younger female thinks it is 'just banter' to make sexual remarks or touch without permission. 
It can happen in any workplace.  Women have always found it difficult to get support for this, they are the ones more likely to lose their jobs.  It is really good that so many women are feeling able to come forward now.
John Humphrys on the Today programme seems to have a particular problem with understanding this.  Given his age and position in the BBC, one can wonder why.

I thought he was just acting as "devil's advocate", I'm sure he gets it.

I think John Humphrey's is one of the best broadcasters around, he looks at both sides.

What's John Humphreys done? I always thought he was rather good at riding the ever more rapidly shifting sands of social convention. 

Do we know for certain that all the women who have 'come forward' are telling the truth? 


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