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Topic: The downsides of exercise.

measles on Wed 12-Aug-2015 | 20:05PM

Offline measles

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1.   dropping your towel in a puddle on the changing room floor.   ang3r
2.   Trying to get your clothes back on over damp skin.  :help:
3.   Exercising in the rain when you wear glasses and steam up.  8}
4.   Shin splints  :bigstorm:
5.   blisters  -X-
6.   Walking through a puddle at swimming baths wondering if you will get a verruca.  :shrug:
7.   Needing the loo.  :-[
8.   Losing the key to your locker  :hysteric:
9.   Where to put smelly trainers when you get home.  :sweat:
10.   Extra washing.  :'(
11.   That fit person on the next machine.   ::)
12.   Where do you put your keys, phone, water bottle etc.  :hmm:
13.   Looking like a beetroot  >b<
14.   Getting a shower or bath afterwards.   :cheers:
Smile if you are still breathing
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Ruthio on Thu 13-Aug-2015 | 19:06PM
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Offline Ruthio

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Well I'm almost totally immobile at present so I'm feeling quite smug now!

Mind you, when I get out and about again I was looking forward to a regular swim   :'(
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Walkingwithtime on Thu 31-Mar-2016 | 17:15PM
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  • Guest
Walking to the gym makes you tired before you start.

All those fit looking younger people spur you on to workout harder, however you exceed your pace maker guidelines and need a lift back home.

You see that fab looking neighbor next to you on the running machine, cor blimey no make up better look the other way don't want to embarrass her ....... must make sure I have it on next time. lol.


guest1273 on Mon 30-Apr-2018 | 20:11PM
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  • Guest
What I love is the way that, in the gym car park, arriving members drive round and round trying to get a space just 20 yards closer to the entrance than the next space.

They then walk the few yards to the entrance, go in, and presumably try to walk the treadmill or the cross-trainer to death for the next hour or so.    ;D

aron on Mon 30-Apr-2018 | 21:13PM
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Offline aron

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I suppose another down side is having to spend time buying just the right named outfit, with matching shoes ( named also ) and the latest thingitty jig equipment that you have to stick on your arm, to tell you how far you have run, walked, jogged,  and not forgetting those ultra smart latest things to stick in your ears.

You've gotta look smart and trendy on the journey !


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