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* Corona Virus Advice

Dear Members and Visitors,

Just in case you've not seen the latest advice / guidelines regarding the Corona Virus (Covid-19), please visit the Government's website via the link below so you can be as up to date as possible.

The UK Government's Advice/Rules on Corona Virus

Also, the NHS website has a lot of useful information.

NHS Corona Virus Advice

I hope you are all following the rules in self-isolating and social-distancing. Only a fool would think they would never catch it and mix with others only to spread it further. Please do follow the guidelines and the Government's rulings.

Be safe, be healthy and be wise.


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Some titillation and double-entendré is acceptable both in text and in images but in all matters, the decision of the Administrators as to the acceptability of any material is final.

All users are entitled to be treated politely at all times and personal attacks including any in personal messages will not be tolerated. If you disagree with a post made by another member, please ATTACK THE POST NOT THE POSTER.

Posting standards:

For the sake of users who wish to search the forum, it would be helpful if an attempt is made to use correct spelling at all times, particularly with reference to technical terms. The forum has a spell check facility, please use it.

No txt splng m8!! It isn't clever and shows no respect for your fellow forum users. If your message is worth posting, it's worth making it intelligible by all.

No SHOUTING!! This is simply bad "netiquette" and is to be deplored, as is the use of lower case letters at the start of names so proper punctuation please.

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General guidelines:

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Make sure you're posting in the right board and that your subject title is relevant. Calling a thread Hello and then introducing yourself and continuing to ask for help will not get you the help you need. Please post help questions in ANSWERS PLEASE. Two separate posts, an introduction and a request for help on a particular topic would be better.

Has your question already been answered? Please take the trouble to use the search facility before asking a question which may have already been dealt with and remember that repeat questions are likely to be removed or merged into existing topics.

In Summary

The admins here, will only remove images or posts that blatantly break the agreement or house rules above. We will discuss the reasons about the removal with the poster and hopefully come to an understanding about future posts.

If you have any doubts about honouring this agreement with an intended post or a picture then please E-Mail  us with the proposed content and we'll be happy to give you an unbiased opinion before you post.

Please remember, this is a Free to use forum for you all to pretty much say and post what you like, within the boundaries of the agreement and house rules.

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