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Front Page / Milk
« Last post by Milkman on Fri 19-Oct-2018 | 18:07pm »
I love Milk
Front Page / Anonymising proxies and Tor exit nodes
« Last post by Orac on Fri 10-Aug-2018 | 09:06am »
Included in the Registration agreement are the following words:-
Quote from: Registration agreement
. . . . . . you agree not to use any form of proxy or spoofed IP address.

One of the "unique selling points" of FiftyPlusForum is that what is posted on FiftyPlus, stays on FiftyPlus . . . . we're a private forum. To that end we take security seriously and we note a recent furoré over the use of 'sock puppets' (second identities) on another forum. Here, we don't allow them unless there's a valid reason for their use and IP addresses are one of the tools at our disposal for identifying the unauthorised use of a sock puppet. We see no valid reason why an honest member should need to hide their IP address anyway.

In view of the above and the recent increase in the number of membership applications by spammers, we are now being more pro-active as far as access to FiftyPlusForum is concerned and, rather than relying solely on members adhering to the Registration agreement, have disabled access via known anonymising proxy and Tor exit node IP addresses.

Should a member or prospective member try to access our forum in such a manner, they will receive a message saying they are banned and why. Obviously they are not banned, it's just that their method of access is blocked. It's a generic message and the explanation displayed with it advises them to access the forum using a conventional IP address.

We hope this reassures members that we continue to take their security seriously. :OK:
Front Page / MOVED: Let This Be Harold's Epitaph
« Last post by Beppy on Tue 24-Jul-2018 | 16:11pm »
This topic has been moved to Poet's Corner.

Front Page / Re: Tattoos
« Last post by guest2679 on Sat 23-Jun-2018 | 20:09pm »
People get tattoos to sickenize decent people.

In Greece, how do you separate the men from the boys ?
 With a crowbar.

I will explain it when you are older.

Front Page / Re: Tattoos
« Last post by Adrian V on Sat 23-Jun-2018 | 20:03pm »
I think the association of tattoos with criminality is outdated these days. Discrete tattoos are fine, but although this may sound sexist, I have seen many beautiful young ladies whose looks have been totally spoilt by very visible "body art" that completely ruins their appearance, so they look as if they've been graffitied by blue and black ink. Those thinking of getting a tattoo should bear in mind that visible tattoos are unacceptable in a position where one has to deal with the public, for example as a receptionist or in sales.

I don't understand your vehement dislike of Turkish Delight. Is it the name? It's just a sugar confection flavoured with rose water and thickened by gelatin, either dusted with icing sugar or chocolate-covered.  Incidentally, when I was in the southern part of Cyprus they made an identical sweet but of course they called it Greek Delight as they don't really get on with the Turks.
Front Page / Tattoos
« Last post by guest2679 on Fri 22-Jun-2018 | 02:54am »
Does it sickenize you when people have tattoos ?  If not, what does it take to turn your stomach ?  Most wear tattoos because their friends did so.  But some of my friends eat Turkish delight which I would not give to a dog.  I'd rather starve to death and die than eat it.  If I don't give a damn about alleged world opinion, why should I be influenced by brainless sheeps who cannot think for themselves ?

"Someone who has a brain and refuses to use it is no better than someone without a brain."
Front Page / Wild Blueberry has landed
« Last post by guest2655 on Sun 03-Jun-2018 | 21:58pm »
I had my landing gear on, and this looked like a good spot....so here I am.  I just joined and I am in the hot seat already.  No sense waiting to see if the flames are hot enough or not, I will soon find out, wink wink

Come on, register, and get in here and have some fun.....

Wild Blueberry/ aka Blue/ aka Bluey/ aka blueberry and I think there was an odd Wild. xxxxxx  I miss you guys and hope you can join me here sometime.... :group: :group: :group: :group:
Front Page / Re: The downsides of exercise.
« Last post by aron on Mon 30-Apr-2018 | 21:13pm »
I suppose another down side is having to spend time buying just the right named outfit, with matching shoes ( named also ) and the latest thingitty jig equipment that you have to stick on your arm, to tell you how far you have run, walked, jogged,  and not forgetting those ultra smart latest things to stick in your ears.

You've gotta look smart and trendy on the journey !
Front Page / Re: The downsides of exercise.
« Last post by Vulpecula on Mon 30-Apr-2018 | 20:11pm »
What I love is the way that, in the gym car park, arriving members drive round and round trying to get a space just 20 yards closer to the entrance than the next space.

They then walk the few yards to the entrance, go in, and presumably try to walk the treadmill or the cross-trainer to death for the next hour or so.    ;D
Front Page / Re: Why The French Don't Like Us Very Much
« Last post by Orac on Fri 13-Apr-2018 | 09:21am »
Ah! - My house is almost certainly amongst the thousand most southerly in the whole of France and I have more French friends than British friends there.
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