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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Fifty Plus Forum takes on-line privacy very seriously, so when you visit our site or use our forum, your privacy and anonymity is maintained. When you become a member of the forum, the data that may be available for collection by the site software is stored on a temporary basis in a session history.

In order to analyse web traffic (site visitors) and the like, certain bits of information are also collected in the normal course of browsing the site.

I.P. Addresses.

These are used to identify the network you are using and consequently the geo-location. This enables us to see the trends of visitors from around the world. This is done using Google Analytics and is pretty much standard for all major websites.

Browser Cookies

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer when you visit certain web sites, so that those web sites can quickly take you back to last visited pages when you visit them again. Cookies are used, for   example, for storing site preferences and maintaining your log in to a private site like ours. The Fifty Plus Forum software downloads a cookie onto your computer in order to store your site preferences, acceptance of this action (OPT IN) is now a European law requirement. The site cannot run correctly on your browser unless cookies are used and therefore we cannot accept responsibility for any failure of the site to perform correctly if you later decide to disable cookies in your browser.

For more detailed information about cookies, please visit What Are Cookies . com

Links to Other Sites

Fifty Plus Forum contains links to other web sites which we do not administer and have no control over their content.  We encourage you to check the privacy policies of those web sites, to insure that your privacy is being safeguarded when you visit those sites.

On-Line Forms

We use several on-line forms to gather information during parts of your visit to us. Contact information when asking questions or providing feedback. User Information when registering and using the forum. All this information is stored on separate secure servers and is not available to anyone but the site administration team. None of this information is given, sold, made available or otherwise transferred to any other site or business in any way.

Private Members Information

Members of the Forum can provide certain amounts of information to enhance their user experience. This information is treated in the same way as the on-line forms above, and is therefore deemed secure.

Should you have any concerns regarding this policy, please feel free to contact us using our Contact Us form or write to:

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