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Stiffer penalties for assaults on the Emergency Services

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Assaults on the Emergency Services are on the increase.  One of the reasons is the ludicrously mild sentences passed.  You can be imprisoned for failing to pay your Council Tax or even TV Licence.  But then that's a finance crime which always seems to be treated with a stiff sentence.

You may feel you could sign this petition:
tougher sentences for those who assault our Emergency Services

Ar Lass:
I have signed DM..As one who has worked on A&E and experienced first-hand the abuse and violence, it would be very welcome to all staff I am sure if there was more deterrent than at the present time. I am also aware that the abuse and violence are not just in A&E and not just the hospitals, it is ALL our emergency services.

As far as assaults on Police Officers go, CPS tend to take the view that by the nature of the job, a certain amount of violence and abuse should be expected. Nice!

I've signed. I witnessed an  attack on the reception staff during a visit to A & E with a friend. The weapon used was a large metal waste bin and it was just lucky that no-one was badly hurt.

I also have a friend in her 40s who works as a paramedic. She's always loved her work and is at the top of her profession. She's now seriously considering giving it up because she and her colleagues have been attacked so many times and, as the mother of a young child, is particularly worried that she may not be able to care for him should she be the victim of a serious attack.

I really don't understand this urge to attack people who are there to help!


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