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Front Page / Re: Milk
« Last post by NEGal on Wed 14-Nov-2018 | 06:36am »
I do remember the frozen milk when young at the door when delivered.
I am fine with semi skimmed milk now though buy at a store.
Front Page / Re: Milk
« Last post by Lila1410 on Wed 14-Nov-2018 | 06:30am »
Oh we would never have been allowed to take the cream, my mother poured it off into a separate jug, for puddings etc.

I remember when the bluetits first learned to peck through the lids so my mother got a box for the milkman to put the bottles in if she wasn't at the door when they arrived.

Nowadays all the milk I see seems to be homogenised, so if you want cream you have to buy it separately.

Front Page / Re: Milk
« Last post by Gillian on Tue 13-Nov-2018 | 21:57pm »
I remember that Silvermist.

I only use full fat milk for milk puddings.   I prefer semi skimmed in tea and coffee and I prefer skimmed if I drink it.
Front Page / Re: Milk
« Last post by Silvermist on Tue 13-Nov-2018 | 21:51pm »
I remember buying a little round rubber gadget which had a tube going through it.  The longer end in the middle went in the top of the bottle (you pulled it down to where the cream ended) and the other end came out of the side.  I can't remember how it worked, squeezed I think, but it then siphoned out the top of the milk which I then used on desserts etc.

I haven't found it, think it pre-dated the internet.
Front Page / Re: Milk
« Last post by aron on Tue 13-Nov-2018 | 21:12pm »
When I was young. I used to try and get the top of the milk first, before anyone else had a chance.  I was always told to shake the bottle first ( but never did if I could help it !)
Front Page / Re: Milk
« Last post by GrannyJ on Tue 13-Nov-2018 | 13:12pm »
I always use skimmed milk, I much prefer it, but I'm happy to have semi skimmed occasionally.
I do love cream on puds  though
Front Page / Re: Milk
« Last post by Lila1410 on Tue 13-Nov-2018 | 06:34am »
I do usually have skimmed milk, in tea, coffee and on cereal, I don't drink it on its own.

I do buy milk products, cheese, yogurt, rice pud sometimes.
Front Page / Re: Have you ever fallen for a fib, hook line and sinker.
« Last post by aron on Mon 12-Nov-2018 | 22:53pm »
I've never fallen for a fib, hook line and sinker.  I reckon I can tell well people are lying.
Front Page / Re: Milk
« Last post by aron on Mon 12-Nov-2018 | 22:42pm »
I love milk ! The creamier and colder, the better.  I like to buy the Jersey stuff now and then.. I could drink it by the pint, but have to stop after half, and leave some for coffee, which I like milky and strong.

Years ago when I was deluded into thinking that skimmed stuff was better for you, husband decided rather than put the stuff in his coffee ( why bother - the coffee stayed brown ) he went without.

I got wise and stopped using that wishy washy stuff, and wouldn't buy anything else but full cream now.
Front Page / Re: Milk
« Last post by GrannyJ on Mon 12-Nov-2018 | 19:40pm »
I couldn't drink milk by the glass, but do have it on cereal and a small amount in coffee. I have black tea, as far as I'm concerned tea is revolting with milk.
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