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Topic Summary

Posted by: GrannyJ
« on: Tue 16-Jan-2018 | 17:35PM »

Not quite spot on as I have a twin sister 43 mins younger, but we are the youngest
Posted by: Furryanimal
« on: Sat 27-May-2017 | 08:18AM »

I got youngest.I am six years older than my sister. :chuckle:
Posted by: Myra
« on: Thu 18-May-2017 | 07:25AM »

I got middle.  I'm the eldest of two.
Posted by: JaneR
« on: Wed 17-May-2017 | 23:32PM »

 I got the eldest - but I'm the youngest of four.
Posted by: Ad Astra
« on: Wed 17-May-2017 | 10:11AM »

It said I was the youngest, but that's ok - I have no siblings.
Posted by: aura
« on: Thu 09-Feb-2017 | 21:53PM »

It said I was the oldest but I'm the youngest with 16 years gap between me and the next one to me.
Posted by: Trendylady
« on: Sun 01-Jan-2017 | 11:44AM »

It said I am the oldest - wrong! Two sisters and a brother all born within 3yrs 3mths of each other, then I came along 13 years later.
Posted by: MamaFrankie
« on: Wed 06-Apr-2016 | 12:43PM »

They got it right (eldest) but I could have done without the Kardashian question. I have no interest in any member of this useless elitist family.
Posted by: Pink Geranium
« on: Wed 21-Oct-2015 | 14:16PM »

I am indeed the youngest, or more properly the younger, since there are only two of us.

I think the answer must have been luck, since I had no idea about Disney princesses, Kardashians, or half the cartoon characters, so I just did a random guess. This quiz told me a good bit about American low culture - but since when was Matilda, assuming they mean Roald Dahl's character, from American literature?

All right, I know it's not serious - and I admit I do have most of the characteristics of a younger child.
Posted by: vagabond
« on: Fri 28-Aug-2015 | 09:20AM »

Close but no cigar,said I'm the youngest,I'm actually the second youngest out of eight.
Posted by: Lila1410
« on: Fri 28-Aug-2015 | 06:34AM »

I got stuck at the Disney princesses, what does that say about me? And these quizzes never let you skip any questions.
Posted by: deeply dippy
« on: Thu 27-Aug-2015 | 18:58PM »

Right I am the eldest .
Posted by: jodie
« on: Mon 24-Aug-2015 | 16:52PM »

So many "none of the above" questions! Disney princess indeed!

Quite - Kardashian sisters indeed!  *barf*  :s
Posted by: Lila1410
« on: Fri 14-Aug-2015 | 17:50PM »

So many "none of the above" questions! Disney princess indeed!
Posted by: Easy T
« on: Fri 14-Aug-2015 | 17:49PM »

Well it reckons I am the oldest. Also the youngest as it happens and an only child :)