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Welcome to Fifty Plus Forum
Here at Fifty Plus Forum, the free forum for the over 50's, we aim to provide the Over Fifties community with a great place to meet and chat together and get help & advice too. Our forum is completely FREE and secure, so you can join like minded people in a fun and safe environment, to share your thoughts, discuss any topic and enjoy good company. We have been in operation since 2009, have over 1,000 members now and we're still growing. We pride ourselves on our Freedom of Speech policy so you can post about anything you like so long as it's not offensive.

Classified as a BIG forum by the Admin Zone Directory of Forums our members have generated nearly a million posts on all kinds of subjects and topics.

So come on in and meet the folks like you. Unlike some other forums and social networks, we take the security of personal data very strongly, if you decide to leave us, we don't hang on to your personal details.

Simple operation
The forum is very easy to navigate and use. We have several main categories with 50+ topic sub-categories to post in from Health and Well being through Fun, Music, Chat, Debate and Computer problems including all manner of help topics such as DIY, Cookery, Gardening, Genealogy, Arts & Crafts, Photography and Computer help, Money Matters, not forgetting TV and Cinema discussion areas. We also have regular prize winning competitions and lots of members who are happy to help with all manner of problems in and around the home, you can post a question and it will usually be answered very quickly.

Here are some of our Members Only features:
  • Multiple discussion areas for Chatty, Serious and Debatable topics.
  • Personal Blog Area - Write about your experiences
  • Competitions - We have regular competitions with some super prizes on offer.
  • A completely private messaging system - unlike e-mail, you can send and receive safe and secure messages to/from fellow members - no spam - no viruses GUARANTEED!
  • Integrated Gallery - Show off your photos to fellow members
  • No Advertising within the forum pages
  • No Dating or other matchmaking gimmicks
  • No Liking or Karma gimmicks
Membership Meetings and Outings
We have enjoyed a great start to our forum meets and have had loads of forum meets so far and several mini-meets. These are organised meetings where members can come together and enjoy a real life chat amongst friends over a drink and a meal. See a recent public blog entry below.

Fifty Plus Forum is a private forum for the over Fifties. We value our member's privacy more than many other Social Networking forums and as such no information about our membership is used for any advertising or product promotions. We do not sell e-mail addresses and no posts are visible to the general public other than our Front Page area. We do encourage forum sponsorship and our members have benefited from several major company sponsors over the years.

We welcome Guests to the forum but all you can see is this page, the articles and the topics some of our members have chosen to place on our public front page area, the rest of the forum is for members only.

Joining the Forum
To join the forum, click HERE or the REGISTER button above, fill in your details, include a valid e-mail and a note about how you found us. We'll then verify your details with you. It only takes a few moments. Once you've signed up, post a reply to the Welcome message and you'll then have full access to the forum.

NOTE: If you have recently applied to join us and have not yet received your welcome e-mail, please check your SPAM/JUNK mail folder, you'll need to click the link in that mail to validate your account.
Please also see the notes on the FORUM page.

Some discussion topics open to the public.

  • post logging in problem
  • Hello, forgot my password and reset it using the link provided but now message when I log in says my user name doesn't exist. Any help gratefully received.
  • post Re: Daft SPAM e-mails
  • Caedmon is right. These people are not as "Daft" as their messages make them out to be. They are not "daft spammers" they are dangerous scammers - and their emails definitely do catch some people out. A lot of the bad English usage is not always intent...
  • post Re: Daft SPAM e-mails
  • post Help advice commiserations wanted,
  • I have just posted on the Dilemmas and Discussions board, please read and comment
  • post Re: An Entirely Fictional Yarn
  • It is very remarkable for this post. I have never read a good post this.

* What's happening on the forum...

Well we're not far off from the Christmas season, we'll have our Advent Calendar up and running again, this time with some stocking filler gifts to be given away to a lucky 5 members who choose the right door. It looks more like a wet rather than a white Christmas but we keep busy here with lots of new members joining our discussions.

One of the most popular pastimes on long dark days and even darker nights, is watching TV then coming onto the forum to discuss the shows we enjoy. Soaps like Eastenders, Corrie, HollyOaks and all the Aussie dramas get their storylines discussed here. So too Strictly Come Dancing, an Autumn/Winter favourite for many, we even have our own Strictly Scoreboard so we can keep track of the points, positions and who leaves the show. So if you enjoy telly watching and want to chat about the shows you watch, come on in, pull up a sofa and join us.

Pretty soon the seasonal festival of Christmas will be with us again, tell us what you think and what gifts you're planning to buy. You may find someone else has already bought one and written a review about it, so you could find out if it's appropriate or even worth spending your hard earned cash on before you go.

We'll also be running an competition to celebrate the season with a prize that could well be your perfect present. Watch this space.

The Summer Holiday competition has been won with a lovely story. Autumn breezes in and old memberships where members have not returned in over a year or have ever posted are being removed. If you joined over a year ago, never posted and never came back since joining then sorry, but your account will be deleted. It makes our mailing list much shorter. What's the point of having lots of members who never use the site or it's facilities so some old unused memberships have now been removed. If yours was one of them, sorry but you're welcome to re-register.

ONE MILLION POSTS! Wow!  :chuffed:

Do you enjoy reading novels?  Fancy an interesting discussion about a book you have read?  How about joining our recently formed, but now well established Book Club?

We have read several novels. We've have had some interesting discussions about our chosen novels and the characters and plots and settings.  We are light hearted in our approach and enjoy discovering other posters' reactions and thoughts.  There is no hard work involved, just a fun chat about a novel we have all read.

Come on in!

Do you enjoy photography? Then come right along in, we have dozens of threads covering a wide range of subjects. There's surely one that you could contribute to. We have birds, animals and wild life, sunrises and sunsets, a range of 'whimsy' picture threads with colours as their themes (these give you a chance of exercising those little grey cells) and a 'watery selection' of rivers, fountains etc,

So - come on in - and bring your camera with you! You might even win a prize in one of the photographic competitions that we have from time to time..."

As we're now classified as a BIG forum as our members have made nearly a million posts on all kinds of subjects and topics.

It's been said that people like to see what's in a forum before they join. Other forums that are open to the public (and search engines) offer this facility but we don't. What goes on in this forum stays in this forum, sorry, that's just the way it is.

* Article of the Day

Article of the Day

* Today I found out...

  • post Podcast Episode #301: It?s a Wonderful Life - 22 December
  • In this episode, you’re going to learn the fascinating story behind the Christmas classic, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” You’re also going to learn the surprising famed businessman that inspired the portrayal of the character of George Bailey, as well as a lot of interesting Jimmy Stewart facts in the Bonus Fact section. [TRANSCRIPT] Don’t miss [&hellipThe post Podcast Episode #301: It’s a Wonderful Life appeared first on Today I Found Out.
  • post The Vice President Who Wrote a Hit Song, the Odd Use Bubble Wrap was Originally Intended for, and More in Yet Another 10 Quick Facts - 22 December
  • Quick Fact 861: Play-Doh was originally used as a wallpaper cleaner, with the compound debuting 22 years before Play-Doh hit the shelves, in a last ditch effort to save a dying company, the Cincinnati based soap company, Kutol. (Wallpaper cleaner wasn’t really used much anymore as people transitioned away from coal heat.) The woman who [&hellipThe post The Vice President Who Wrote a Hit Song, the Odd Use Bubble Wrap was Originally Intended for, and More in Yet Another 10 Quick Facts appeared first on Today I Found Out.
  • post When Art was an Olympic Sport - 22 December
  • When Baron Pierre de Coubertin founded the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in 1894, he declared that one of the missions of the modern Olympiad would be ?to reunite in the bonds of legitimate wedlock a long-divorced couple ? Muscle and Mind.? To the Baron, Olympic competition wasn?t just going to be about physical athletics, but [&hellipThe post When Art was an Olympic Sport appeared first on Today I Found Out.
  • post This Day in History: December 22nd- Dostoyevsky?s Second Chance - 22 December
  • This Day In History: December 22, 1849 Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky was a Russian writer, journalist, and philosopher. He worked within, and was obviously influenced by, the constraints of 19th century Russia. Some of his major works include Crime and Punishment (1866), The Idiot (1869), Demons (1872), and The Brothers Karamazov (1880). In 1847, Dostoyevsky joined [&hellipThe post This Day in History: December 22nd- Dostoyevsky’s Second Chance appeared first on Today I Found Out.

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